My own experience with death during a prolonged knee surgery as a young woman allows me today, together with my companions from the spiritual world, to travel and communicate between the visible and the invisible worlds. This conscious way with shamanic roots and ways of healing I go for the past eleven years. Since some time I teach the ancient wisdom of the natives expanded by my personal experience in annual seminar circles “Back to my Roots – be in touch with Mother Earth”, many Saturdays a year. In addition, I offer pipe and prayer ceremonies, Inipis/sweat lodges, drum journeys, power animal journeys and encounters with ancestors and healing ceremonies.


Feel the joy of your soul – give space to the ease – clean living sites – during the shamanic-clairvoyant healing work we go together into the depths of your life. We move into your inner worlds and venture closer to old and unredeemed stories. This hidden emotions can be seen again, for to be solved ultimately. The forces of love, prayer and forgiveness accompany us through the process.

I like to offer and smoke the Canupa with you, the sacred hoy pipe of the North American Lakota, to listen to what the spirits have to say.  Through this pipe ceremony the spirits, the ancestors and the personal spiritual guides allow healing and a reconnection to Mother Earth. By this they strengthen of our life forces. Deceased or lost souls can have their say, deliver their messages and possibly can complete their way into their afterlife. By that life can move on. Smoking, ratteling and drumming round off many healings.

My work of shamanic healing is characterized by calmness and tolerance, accompanied with deep respect towards all those ancient tribes who have always understood themselves as guardians of Mother Earth. Each person is unique and thus has a unique way. May we assist each other therein and may we allow this to every one on earth.

Ahey, Mitakuye oyacin

(Lakota, in the sense of “we are all related to each other”)