Clairvoyance canto a certain degree practically  be learned by anyone, and a regular practice leads to success. Each of us has a certain sensivity because it is one of the survival mechanisms that nature has given to us. If these skills are trained by eyes, ears, skin and body, we open more and more towards these subtle energies and convert them into images, feelings and expressions that we know and that are comprehensible to us.

A good start into the subtle perception offers the pendulum and the rod. Invisible energies are made visible by a yes-no- movement and questions can be answered through the oscillations.Both together, rod and pendulum, I offer regular seminars, as I will in 2017. At the weekend 28-29. January 2017 I teach the basics of the pendulum and talk out of over 20 years experience.

Since 1996 I use the pendulum regularly, and supported by that I became increasingly clairvoyant.  I hardly can imagine my daily work as a healthpractitioner without the diagnostic help of my pendulum. More or less every day I use it successfully.