Once a while as a highly sensitiv person and spirituel therapeut I summit my own made life eperiences. With this side I intend to share this knowledge with you as a guest of my homepage and I want to give you the possibility to download my writings on all sort of things. It may be unfortunate for you that nothing is up to that moment translated into English. But you could copy pieces out of it and run it with google translate. Have fun reading it.

•  Information for patients: Silent inflammation in jaw/ NICO – please click here

It is a small professional exkurs into how not known inflammated areas of teeth could have a devastating influence on human health. To find these disturbing areas and to help you to find then a professional schoolmedicinbased diagnosis and aid, is only one part of my dedective work I love to do in my praxis.

•  New windows and heavenly peace – please click here

From the very beginning on of moving into our new built house I was bothered by our modern, slightly tinted panes, chosen out of the need for effective insulation and a low K-Level. First I thought it is due to the changed spectrum of light, but it was more than that. I was constantly disturbed enegeticaly.

Channeling at the beginning of year 2018please click here

Since quite some timeI am communicating with socalled thunderbirds, beings out of the tradtition of native american indians. Thunderbirds are , so the old legends, messangers of heaven and god. The old myths are full of how they in former times came down to the tribes with destructive energies as lightenings, thunder and flooding rains . Indians see them represented in eagles or ravens. However the way they adress me is in a friendly manner and as beings who love and care for Mother Earth. What they told me beginning of 2018, I like to share here with you. 

Informations for patients: Borreliosis  – please click here

As a result of the climate change you can find ticks nowadays even up north in Sweden and Norway. For us as human beings it means that we are more endagered by those as in former times. Unfortunatly they are carriers of very unpleasant sicknesses as Borreliosis and others of animals since the change the host. Once I had to deal with heavy borreliosis myself and suceeded into health. Since then it is one of my major concerns in my daily work with patients.

• Information for patients: livercleansing please click here

The effective way of Hulda Clarks livercleansing, modified by Andreas Moritz, can be downloaded here in a nice clear and  short version.